Power consumption (watts) of Android TV devices

Are you curious just how much electricity your Android TV box uses?

Here is the power usage in watts for the most popular Android TV devices.

Device OS Boot Sleep Idle Video Max
Mi Box 6.0.1 7 3 3 5 7
Nexus Player 7.1.1 6 3 3 3 7
Shield TV 16GB (2015) 7.0 14 5 6 8 21
Shield TV 16GB (2017) 7.0 14 7 7 9 20

Column descriptions
OS: The Android Operating System version the device is running.
Boot: The maximum power usage observed during boot up.
Sleep: Measured power usage while the device is in sleep mode. The device was allowed to idle for 1 hour in addition to manually selecting the sleep function in the UI if available.
Idle: Measured power usage after allowing the device to idle on the home screen for 5 minutes.
Video: Measured power usage while playing a video.
Max: The maximum power usage observed during CPU and GPU benchmarking.

All testing was performed without any external devices(USB flash drives, hard drives, mouse, keyboard, etc) connected.