Power consumption (watts) of all Apple TV models

Just how much electricity does a Apple TV use?

Here is the power usage in watts for all the different tvOS based Apple TV models.

Device OS Boot Sleep Idle Video Max
Apple TV (Generation 4) A1625 tvOS 11.3 7 <1 4 4
Apple TV 4K (Generation 5) A1842 tvOS 11.3 7 <1 4 4-6

Column descriptions
OS: The Operating System version the Apple TV is running.
Boot: Maximum power usage observed during boot up.
Sleep: Power usage while the device is in sleep mode after selecting the sleep function in the UI.
Idle: Power usage after allowing the device to idle on the home screen for 5 minutes.
Video: Power usage while playing a video.
Max: Maximum power usage observed.

The Apple TV model number is displayed on the bottom of the device or via Settings – General – About.