How to Mirror Android Phone Display to Fire TV

Mirroring to your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick allows you to view images, videos, and other media from your phone on your TV. This can be done following the steps below:

(1) First, in your Fire TV settings, go to Display and Sounds.

(2) From Display and Sounds, go to Enable Display Mirroring.

(3) A new screen will appear. The Fire TV is now awaiting a connection. A signal can be sent from your Android phone or device to connect and mirror to the Fire TV.

Your Android device may differ from the steps below. Some menus may be located in different places on your device.

(4) To send the signal from your Android phone, first go to Settings on your phone or device.

(5) In the Settings menu under Wireless Networks, tap Share and Connect.

(6) Once in the Share and Connect menu, under Screen Share, tap Miracast.

(7) Now, turn on Miracast.

(8) Your Android device is now searching for available connections. Once your device recognizes your Fire TV signal, tap on that connection to sync your devices.

(9) Your device is now mirroring to your Fire TV.